The Logic Manual

On this page you'll find various support materials to be used in conjunction with the Logic Manual. The publisher's web page for the book can be found here.cover


The Exercises Booklet can be downloaded from here. For 2016/17 there are no changes from the previous year. A version containing solutions is available upon request for those teaching from the Manual. Unfortunately I cannot release these solution for revision or self-study. If you require more exercises for revision or exercises with solutions, please use More Exercises by Peter Fritz, which contains exercises and solutions .


Lecture slides

This year's logic lectures are being given by Dr. James Studd. Each week electronic copies of the slides will be posted below.

Note that the slides only cover selected definitions and techniques from the Logic Manual and are not comprehensive. They should be read in conjunction with the main text.

There are two versions for each lecture: a handout (with some items left for students to complete during the lecture) and the lecture slides themselves.

Handout 1 Slides 1
Handout 2 Slides 2
Handout 3 Slides 3
Handout 4 Slides 4
Handout 5 Slides 5
Handout 6 Slides 6
Handout 7 Slides 7
Handout 8 Slides 8



Sample papers and additional resources

All past examination papers have been collected at OXAM (restricted access). Below are papers or questions with solutions.

For the revised examination rules from 2013, Gail Leckie has produced two “elementary and straightforward” questions together with answers.

The Natural Deduction Pack by Alastair Carr contains many worked examples of Natural Deduction proofs with detailed explanations of proof strategies. After working through this document there will hardly be any question on Natural Deduction in a Prelims paper that you can't answer.

The following papers still follow the old conventions (pre 2013). In particular, the formalizations in propositional logic may be harder than in recent papers. I hope they are still useful.

Sample paper, Michaelmas 2008 · solutions

Collection paper for Hilary 2009 · solutions and marking scheme

Sample paper (past paper from 2010)

Sample paper (past paper from 2010) · solutions



I have prepared some worked examples in pdf files. To open the pdf file for an example click on the claims below. It's best to look at the slides in full screen mode and then use the page down or space key (depending on your pdf viewer) to see the next step in the proof.

Partial truth tables

Natural Deduction proofs: propositional logic

Natural Deduction proofs: predidate logic

Natural Deduction proofs: predidate logic with identity